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Data & Message Handling System - H series

High Performance AFTN/SITA Message Switching System



High Performance

Excellent throughput capacity of 1,200,000 messages/day

Data management based on large-scale RDBMS  

       Advanced message routing and queue handling management

       Enterprise-class server platform with high capacity disk array


High Reliability                                                                 

       Redundant system design based on Primary-Standby configuration

Proven system availability higher than 99.9997%

MTTR less than 6 minutes


Flexible Connectivity

Supports multiple communication protocols (X.25, FR, X.28, TCP/IP and UDP/IP)

Supports various interface types (V.24/V.35/Gigabit/Fast Ethernet)



Open and modular architecture simplifies upgrade

Pre-processing unit available to facilitate message handling

Automated message billing system

Standard GPS clock source for time synchronization


Professional Services

8/5 telephone technical support

Online diagnostics and analyses

       Remote maintenance and emergency response



DMHS-H is an AFTN/SITA message switching system which can apply to air traffic field, including airlines, airports and ATM authorities. With powerful redundant hardware and sophisticated software DMHS-H achieves high performance to meet the requirements of high-end clients. The system supports various interface types and communication protocols. With duplicate major system components and low MTTR DMHS-H is excellent in terms of reliability and stability. As a member of DMHS solution family, DMHS-H is fully compliant with ICAO ANNEX 10 and SITA Type B standard. Currently DMHS-H systems have been successfully used in all major airports, airlines and air traffic management bureaus in China.



l  RAID 5 disk arrays improve the data safety and storage capability.  

l Oracle RDBMS facilitate the messages management.

l Open interfaces reserved in DMHS-H to keep pace with future technologies like ATN.

l Powerful enterprise-class server ensures the high capability of message handling.

l  Redundant system structure design with dual power supplies and supports hot swap.

l  Independent dual server management module enables fast system switch-over.

l  Messages and configuration parameters synchronization supported between primary and standby server.

l All the system configurations and operations can be completed through dedicated Management Console.

l Fully supports SNMP monitoring.


Automatic AFTN/SITA message switching: based on store-and-forward technology, messages can be automatically forwarded to one or more destinations. 

System data management: based on large-scale RDBMS, easy for message backup, recovery, retrieval and statistics. 

Primary-Standby system configuration: if primary system fails, standby system can automatically take over and operate as the primary system. 

On-line system configurations: configurations of channels, message queue, message routing, address book, user priority, logs, system parameters, etc.  

Message management: message routing, queue handling, forwarding, retrieval and storage. 

Standard GPS clock source for time synchronization: provides accurate real-time clock synchronization through GPS signal. 

Real-time graphical monitoring system: monitors the operating status and message statistics. 


System Topology




Primary-Standby Server Switching Capability

Complete system switch-over takes less than 30 seconds without any loss of data. Switch-over can be done automatically or manually.


Message Handling Capability

      Proven maximum throughput of 1,200,000 messages/day (message up to 2,100 bytes); supports long message (up to 4,096 bytes)

User Access Capability

Maximum support of:

144-channel asynchronous communications

64-channel synchronous communications

64-channel TCP/IP or UDP/IP communications


System Storage Capacity

       System can store messages and related logs for at least 60 days (based on 24 hours operation). All the information is stored on disk arrays, and users can manage the data according to their needs.


System Components



Server Host


  2 Intel® Processor-based enterprise-class servers

  Primary-Standby server hosts configuration

  Each server equipped with high-capacity storage

     systems in RAID 5 configuration  

  Linux Operating System   


  Up to 6 Intel® Processor-based 1U servers

     (or co-host with the Server Host) 

  Operated in Primary-Standby configuration

  Linux Operating System  

CAC-Router 1000

   Supports multiple protocols

     (X.25,FR,X.28,TCP/IP and UDP/IP)

    Dual protocol stacks

    Up to 2 10/100 Mbps built-in routed ports

    Up to 4 serial ports

    25-pin serial (DB-25)connectors

    Standard 19-inch rack-mountable   

Protocol Conversion Unit


    16 serial ports supporting RS-232

  8-pin RJ45 connectors

    10/100M auto-sensing Ethernet

  Standard 19-inch rack-mountable   

ITU Modem


     Accommodates any combination of

     16 HDSL, MDSL, NTU and analog modem cards

     Hot swappable modem cards and power supplies

  Dual power supplies with full redundancy   

Ethernet Switch

  Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

     in 24-port or 48-port configuration      

Message Terminal

  Up to 144 terminals(Modem User)

    Up to 64 terminals(TCP/IP User)

   Microsoft Windows XP or Vista System   

Management Console

  Up to 3 Intel® processor-based workstations

  Microsoft Windows XP or Vista System   



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