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AMHS Implementation Planning Workshop and the Third Working Group Meeting of ATN Implementation Coordination Group of APANPIRG (ATNICG WG3) were held from 21 to 25 Jan 2008 at Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The objective of AMHS Implementation Planning Workshop was to discuss the issues of AMHS implementation.

The objective of ATNICG WG3 was to further progress relevant tasks approved by the Eighteenth Meeting of APANPIRG held in September 2007 and subjected identified by the ATN Implementation Coordination Group. It also discussed technical issues relating to implementation of ATN infrastructure and AMHS in the region.

Technical experts from ATMB, ATNC and AIT attended this meeting.

On AMHS Implementation Planning Workshop, AIT, COMSOFT, THALES, UBITECH, GWDI, AVITECH, BCI and ONS were invited to display relative ATN systems.

On the meeting, AIT displayed DMHS-g and discussed technical issues with representatives. Representatives showed interests on DMHS-g and hoped to do technical trials with it.


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