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All our services will be provided by Avisoft Co., Ltd, which is our subsidiary company.

Avisoft is ISO 9000/ ISO 14000 certified service provider, we offer professional technical support for all our products, service details as follows:

•  Product technical support (hotline) £»
Tel £º 86-10-8273-5123 Monday to Friday 08:30~17:00 (Beijing time)
Provide daily maintenance guidance, software update guidance, product guidance, and answer technical questions.
•  E-mail Technical Support £»
Email £º Sup@avisoft.cn
•  Remote online technical support £»
Including database backup/recovery, log check-up, remote trouble-shooting, backbone status tracking.
•  Website information service £»
URL £º www.avisoft.cn
Provide product brochure download, introduction of our product and services, and our contact information
On-site Failure Recovery
• Hardware recovery;
When the system can't work properly because of certain hardware failure, technical engineers could repair or replace the hardware and minimize the loss.

• Redundant system online recovery;
When the main system fails, the standby system can take over the operation. We can trouble-shoot the failure, and configure it as a backup after it’s fixed, which can reduce the system risk to zero.

• Single system operation failure recovery;
for the single system operation failure, our engineers can perform quick trouble-shooting, backup and change necessary parts and keep the offline time to a minimum.
Product Upgrade
•  System Hardware upgrade £»
Including Storage system and communication equipment expansion, firmware update, communication devices upgrade, hardware redundancy modification.

•  Software system upgrade £»
Including Application upgrade, device driver update, License expansion, software license extension, add function module etc.
Spare Parts Supply
•  Spare parts £»
for sold products£¬we can provide spare parts of key components at least 10 years £»

On-Site Maintenance & Service
Based on customers’ request, we can stay on customers’ site to assist operation maintenance for 5*8 hours (workday), e.g. trial debugging, system switchover, onsite trouble-shooting and recovery, equipment inspection, technical training.
In emergency situation, our engineers can provide onsite technical support 24/7 until the system is back online.
Product Repair
•  Within Warranty £»
We provide free repair/exchange service for the products within the warranty period, as specified in the sales/service contract.
•  Out-of- warranty service £»
We also provide paid repair/exchange service for the products out-of the warranty period.
Product Training
Pre-sales demonstration
Pre-sales product demonstration can help the potential customer to understand the product better, we will also cover company profile, solution, product performance etc.

Product technical training £»
We can provide factory and on-site training, including product structure, hardware composition, software (OS, applications, database), maintenance upgrade, failure recovery process and redundancy operation.

Customized Technical training £»
Customers can tailor the training courses according to their own requirement. For example, product operation technique, application and maintenance technique, system trouble-shooting and failure recovery process technique, network and database technique etc.

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